Thank You

When we set out to create Grief last year, we had no idea how tremendous the response for this project would be. From the writers and artists willing to share their work, and the readers excited to receive it, a wonderful collaborative spirit was born.

Initially, Grief was supposed to be a one-off created for the 2013 Philly ‘Zine Fest. But after the positive response we received for the first edition, we decided to try for another. There was only one problem: How could we possibly fund this again? (Funding for the last issue came completely out of our editor-in-chief’s pocket.) We did what all fledging creative projects did: we turned our eyes to the Internet, specifically to Kickstarter, to try to make our publishing dreams come true.

We were hopeful we’d reach our goal, but we never thought it would happen so quickly. Within a few weeks of the initial campaign kickoff, we were funded. The generosity and support of our friends and peers truly means so much to us, not only because it allows this project to continue, but because it also helps validate the need for an outlet focused on grief writing.

To those who contributed to our cause, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for believing in this project. Thank you for allowing it to grow beyond our expectations. Thank you for giving a voice to the grieving.

Our Generous Backers

Tabby Carrey
Jessica Ivy Distad
Laura Sherr
Kathy Barry
Sherry Venere
Lauren Wilson
Russell Schwager
Dave VanBlarcom
Bethany Patterson
Sarah Oppelt
Quavin Johnson
Jillian Pedrick Ryan
Joanne Parr
Pamela Soto
Amy Boras
Jessica Coons
Christopher Hermann
Erin Miller Intessimoni