Editor’s Note

You would think that being the editor of a lit mag dedicated to the subject of grief, I would be an expert on it. That I would understand its lasting effects; realize it is not something that simply goes away after the established mourning period has ended.

But the past few tumultuous months have made me realize that I have been trying desperately to stave off my own grief and ignore it in the hopes that with time, it will dull and forget to follow me wherever I go.

I have received countless reminders that this is not how it works—that grief is not something that simply goes away after you’ve spent time with it—instead, it encompasses you, weaves itself into your DNA, becomes a part of the electricity that charges your heartbeat.

The response that we received to our call for submissions was tremendous, and we literally spent the entire summer reading each and every poem, story, and essay. Although some people might think such an endeavor would be tedious and draining—especially due to the subject matter—I found it extremely cathartic. I often find myself a victim to my own feelings—sure that I am the only one experiencing whatever pain I currently am battling. But reading through this collection of thoughtful essays, compelling fiction, and haunting poetry helped reinforce that we all are ebbing and flowing through of our own grief, sometimes focused on one specific aspect of it, sometimes dealing with a messy, less definable mash up of two or more of these stages.

Myself, along with the rest of the staff, hope that this presentation of work in this volume serves as a resource and a comfort for those who may be experiencing similar feelings on their own journey.

—Sara Wuillermin, Editor-in-Chief

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