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It’s been “one of those years”—where the collective pain, anguish, and frustrations that have come from both my and my friends’ life lessons have made us all silently countdown until 2014. For me, the events of this past year—my marriage dissolving, my mother’s Alzheimer’s worsening, my good friend’s baby being born still—have made me realize that stumbling through the stages of grief is not something just reserved for people who’ve experienced loss through death.

The truth is that in one way or another, we’re always ebbing and flowing through Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance—whether brought on by a shitty job, an unrequited love, the cancelation of favorite TV show, there’s always something causing us to confront our grief. And even when things aren’t bad—even in those happy, smiling Facebook-worthy moments—we are accepting our lives despite the grief, regardless of the pain and disappointments.

The lit rag is a wonderful collection of people’s short stories, poems, art, and firsthand accounts focused on the stage of grief of their choosing. And if reading about our open wounds inspires you to share yours, we ask you to submit your stories to our tumblr account.

—Sara Wuillermin Moreno

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